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Energy Management

In an increasingly energy conscious society, we all have a collective duty to protect the environment and reduce our carbon footprint. We specialise in energy reduction and energy management services.


We provide our clients with the best service which includes energy audits, building energy rating (BER) plant efficiency rating and efficiency assessments. We believe that the first step in the evaluation of the energy efficiency of any building or process is to establish what the maximum efficiency is of the services installed and compare to the actual performance.


Our services are designed to assist our clients in understanding how they are consuming their energy and to work with them on reducing this energy consumption. Our services include also looking at all related operating costs and reducing these at the same time.


As part of the service we offer we will often remain on in a retained maintenance role for our clients to ensure that the solutions installed remain in place. Examples of inspections and evaluations carried out are:


• Air Conditioning Systems Inspection

• Ventilation Systems

• Electrical Distribution Systems

• Building Management Systems

• Controls

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