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FGas & ODS Gas Regulations

Due to the threat to the environment caused by the gases that refrigeration and air conditioning systems usually run on, the E.U. has introduced new laws to control the use of fluorinated greenhouse gases (F-Gases) and Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS). These new laws cover everything from leakages to replacing these gases and as an owner you need to be aware of what you must do.


Are you compliant with the new F gas and ODS gas regulations?
Know your legal responsibilities to avoid prosecution.


Identify all the RAC equipment you operate
Check to confirm you are the operator for all RAC equipment
Check whether this equipment contains refrigerants affected by these Regulations
Establish the quantity of refrigerant in each piece of equipment


European Environmental Legislation


Fluorinated Greenhouse Gas (F-Gas)

New F-Gas legislation has made it imperative to have your equipment regularly checked for leaks and adequately maintained by a qualified supplier. The legislation also demands that you keep a log book for each piece of equipment containing more than 3kg of gas detailing the addition/removal of gas and when each leak test was performed. This legislation is currently being enforced by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).


Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS)

As of January 2010 this European-wide legislation has been implemented to phase out all ODS gasses (R22) across Europe. For the end user this means it is illegal to add additional virgin R22 Gas to their system(s). It is recommended that existing R22 systems to be replaced or in some cases upgraded to newer gases unaffected by this legislation. Due to the higher energy efficiency of newer system on average a payback in as little as 3 years can be achieved.

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